web site

“Every website deserves it's own unique look and feel.”

I run Sync Creative, a design company specialising in brand, digital and print. If a client wants web site design we are in a perfect position to provide the best bespoke design service for them.

It doesn’t cost the earth and the results make all the difference to a well-functioning web site making sure it will last for many years without having to be updated.


Design Brief

The initial brief ensures I understand everything your site needs to do as well how you would like it to look. As much or as little information as you like can be included. We will discuss options which will enhance your website using the latest trends and how it should work on different devices from mobile to desktop.

Design Planning

While planning a design there are several things I will take into consideration including:

  • Making sure the design will work well on all devices.
  • Making sure the layout of the design will fit well in a browser window.
  • The aspect ratio of the website - how much of the site will be displayed / visible in the initial browser window.
  • Animations and how they will be integrated into the design
  • Background images and how they will enhance the site (ie not be too overpowering)
  • Making sure the design responds to the user in a way that increases the user experience rather than distracts them

The Design Process

A couple of design options will usually be produced for you and allow you to choose which is best. Your design will be presented to you for discussion and can be modified until you are completely happy with the overall look and feel of your website.

We can use stock photography or your own photography to enhance the site visually and make it more unique. We can guide you on this or you can guide us.

Once you are completely happy with the design I will use this as the platform for the site development to produce a test version of the site so you can see everything working as it should.

When you’re satisfied that the site looks and works how you want it to I will publish the site live.

Planning a website doesn’t have to be painful but there are a few things that you need to know so that’s what I’ll advise you on.

With many years experience in web project planning for clients in Cambridge you're in safe hands when it comes to ensuring that your website doesn't just get found, load fast and perform well, it will look fantastic too.